Great American Jeep Rally

Saturday, September 15th 2018

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Rock garden, RTI ramps, and other activities are included with your entrance donation. Use of all activities is at your own risk. You will be required to sign a waiver. If you are licensed but under the age of 18, you must have a parent or guardian to participate in any motorized activity. Stop by the Activities Table to sign up and you will be guided where to go.

Head over to the Directions Page to check out the Map of the Grounds!


There will be trophies for Classic / Military, YJ, TJ, JK, XJ, Grand Cherokee, Full Size and Art Work. So drive it or tow it and show it off!


Multiple raffles will take place throughout the day including a separate kids only raffle and a 50/50 raffle. Stay tuned – raffle prizes will be updated as they are received.


Plenty of great products and services to check out. Even more to learn about.


Visit with organized Jeep and 4×4 Clubs, our beneficiaries, and learn about Tread Lightly!


$20 for one day, $30 for both if purchased on Saturday. (with up to 5 people).
Spectator Admission is $5 per person, twelve and under FREE!!!


All Jeeps will park in the main field together. There is a separate area inside the vendors area for military and antique Jeeps. Trailered Jeeps will be directed where to unload. Parking attendants in Staff t-shirts will direct you. We apologize that we are unable to save parking areas for groups of friends or clubs. Please arrange to meet nearby or caravan to guarantee parking together.

Spectator parking is located on the other side of the barn, you will be directed where to go.
Spectator Admission is $5 per person, twelve and under FREE!!!

Handicapped parking for non-Jeep vehicles is also available close to the vendor area.


Pets must be on a leash at all times.


General Rules

  1. Be respectful to all staff and spectators.
  2. Leashed well behaved dogs are allowed.
  3. Be respectful to the property. The owner has put in a lot of help making sure the Rally happened and we want to make sure we are allowed to come back next year.
  4. No one other than event staff is allowed within the fenced off areas at any time.
  5. Do not drive your Jeep over 5mph. (exception being the mud trench)
  6. This is a family event, conversations and language should reflect that.
  7. No alcohol or drugs allowed anywhere on the property, this includes the parking areas. Anyone found drinking or using will be asked to leave and may have to have a conversation with an officer.
  8. Please throw trash into the trash cans and not the porta potties.
  9. All pets must be leached at all times. If your pet does not do well around other animals or people please leave them at home.
  10. There are 3 raffle times during the day. If you win an item in any raffle it must be claimed before the end of the last raffle.

Any violation of these rules may result in you having to leave the premises.

Rock, Mud Trench, Obstacle Course and RTI Ramps

  1. All drivers and passengers are required to sign a waiver.
  2. No passengers under the age of 12 yrs old.
  3. All drivers and passengers must keep their seat belts on at all times.
  4. No passengers are allowed out of the Jeep while on the rock pile, in the mud trench or on the RTI ramp.
  5. No one other than event staff is allowed within the fenced off areas at any time.
  6. Jeeps must have front and rear recovery points for the rock piles and mud trench.
  7. Jeeps must have a roll cage or factory solid roof.
  8. There will be rig requirements for the hard rock course.
  9. If no forward movement is made after 5 mins Jeeps will have to exit the rock pile / mud trench. For the mud trench folks this may involve staff pulling your Jeep forward or backwards in the trench.
  10. Drivers must adhere to all directions given by the staff.
  11. If at any time you feel uncomfortable or feel you have reached your limit of driving skill let a spotter know and they will help you off the rock pile as quickly and safely as possible.
  12. No high speed runs, rock crawling only.
  13. When told you have reached your furthest point on the RTI ramp stop. Flopping a Jeep on those may make for great photos but makes for a costly recovery and holds up everyone else that wants to try it out.

Any violation of these rules may result in you having to leave the premises.

Keep in mind that our main goal at the Rally is for everyone to be safe and have fun. If at any time you feel something is happening anywhere at the Rally please notify a staff member or one of the police officers on site.

So with all of that said lets have a great day and make this the absolute Best Rally Ever!!!