The Evelyn M. Howe Memorial Fund Scholarship

Decisions, we all make them every day. Easy ones, what to wear, which college to attend, and harder ones that affect the rest of your life. On May 5, 2013, Evelyn Howe (Eve) decided to try to save the life of her friend that was drowning in the icy waters of Gloucester, MA. It was a gamble, but I’m sure she didn’t see it that way. Eve made a choice to jump in the cold ocean, and try to help. Her decision has earned our utmost respect and we feel the loss still.

Eve was as vibrant as they come, she had no fear at all. Her enthusiasm for LIFE was contagious, she would try anything once! She volunteered her time while vacationing to local shelters for animals, schools and orphanages world wide. She was a single Mom that raised a son on her own. She sought no pity, nor help, she worked hard at her job and never failed to keep everyone smiling. She was a survivor, an inspiration, and now we wish to honor her memory. She gave everything she had, even when her last choice took her from us. In losing her, we have sought to keep her spirit of giving new life.

The Evelyn M. Howe Memorial Fund was born because we cherish her time here, and miss her every day. Yearly, The Evelyn M. Howe Memorial fund will accept applications from students that exemplify just some of the qualities that Eve had. We will choose a student who meets or exceeds the criteria.

We want to pay it forward in her memory. Passing on her spirit of giving, of living life and of never giving up, onto others. We would like if the applicants show the same gusto in their community service and extra-curricular activity time.

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Evelyn M. Howe Memorial Fund Scholarship

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