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1  Great American Jeep Rally / For Sale or Vendor / Re: 84 CJ7 on: August 11, 2011, 05:35:16 PM
It was sold to a dude in PA. Sorry, thought I updated the post.
2  Great American Jeep Rally / Other Public Events / Re: Sturbridge Mass, (The only show I'm going to this year) on: August 10, 2011, 11:03:00 AM
Maybe you'll be able to win a trophy at that show.  Tongue
3  Great American Jeep Rally / Other Public Events / Re: Deep Woods Extreme Truck show and Rock Crawl on: July 16, 2011, 02:11:22 PM
The DWE show has been canceled. Embarrassed
4  Great American Jeep Rally / Other Public Events / Re: Deep Woods Extreme Truck show and Rock Crawl on: July 12, 2011, 06:23:48 PM
5  Great American Jeep Rally / Other Public Events / Deep Woods Extreme Truck show and Rock Crawl on: July 06, 2011, 08:13:59 PM

Visit the Great American Jeep Rally's booth for our 10th Anniversary shirt.

July  24th, 2011
DWE's 10th Annual
Truck Show & Rock Crawl
Gunstock Mountain Resort
719 Cherry Valley Road
Gilford, NH 03249

New England's Best Premier Rock Crawling Competition. Each year our crew builds the course to push the competitors to their limit and keep the fans cheering in the stands. This competition is pre-register only so please follow the links on the site for rules and registration info.

Real World 4WD Truck Show & Shine. We don't care if your rig is ugly, a trailer queen, or a pretty little street ride. We want everyone to take pride in their ride and show off what they drive. The ONLY requirement is that the vehicle must have 4WD. Antiques and Military vehicles are especially welcome and usually receive quite a few ooo's and ahhh's.

Events on tap:

We will have music, food, activities for the kiddos, and more. Coolers are welcome but we reserve the right to search them as this is a dry event! Dogs are welcome but must be on a leash at all times and owners are responsible for their dogs and their kids at ALL times.
6  Great American Jeep Rally / Announcements and News / 2011 Benificiary on: May 12, 2011, 07:35:16 PM
For 2011 In Addition to the NEA we are excited to announce our new Benificiary is Helping Hands- Monkey Helpers For the Disabled.

Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled has grown from an innovative idea into a thriving national non-profit organization that offers independence and hope to individuals with severe disabilities.
Helpful monkey

Helping Hands trained and placed the first monkey as a helper and a companion to a paralyzed individual in 1979. In 1982, Helping Hands became a 501(c)(3) corporation under the IRS code. From the beginning, Helping Hands' mission has been to provide assistance to people with the greatest needs: people who have become quadriplegic (paralyzed from the neck down) as a result of an accident, injury, or disease.

In the early years, Helping Hands received major developmental support from the National Science Foundation, the Veterans Administration, and from the Paralyzed Veterans of America. There was interest in investigating innovative ways to support veterans who had received severe spinal cord injuries while performing military service.

During the research and development stage, Helping Hands investigated and solidified all of the components of the program - from determining which species of monkey was best suited to the kinds of tasks the human recipients would need, to working out a method how to teach them their tasks.

Once these parameters were in places, Helping Hands was able to place monkey helpers at a steady pace. The initial research and development stage of the program officially ended in 1989, when the final review by the Veterans Administration confirmed that monkey helpers could indeed provide substantive and broad-based assistance to the target population of quadriplegic individuals, and that they were indeed cherished companions.

A nation-wide network of foster homes was established, where volunteer families raised monkeys under Helping Hands' supervision and prepared them for the exciting transition to the training center and ultimate placement as a monkey helper. As technology changed, new tasks replaced the old (monkeys had to be taught to turn on and load computers and CD players, while the art of placing a record on a turntable passed out of the repertoire.) Training protocols were improved and solidified.

Knowledge of Helping Hands spread through the network of spinal cord injury care centers and specialty physicians, resulting in a growing backlog of people waiting to be matched with a monkey helper.
A monkey with a toy

In 1994, the final government grant to Helping Hands came to an end. Helping Hands then needed to develop new connections with the public and the philanthropic community in order to continue its work.

In the later 1990s, outreach efforts and coverage in the media helped bring Helping Hands to the attention of the wider public, and donations from individuals began to replace the government funding that had ended. Grants from foundations became a major source of support for Helping Hands. Workplace giving, especially by Federal employees giving through the Combined Federal Campaign, became another avenue of support.

Placements continued, and further improvements in training methods and adaptive equipment allowed the placement of monkey helpers with people who had a wider range of mobility impairments.

Helping Hands also began to develop the informal presentations it had been conducting for school children into a formal educational presentation about the results of spinal cord injuries, and how they could be prevented. SCIPP (the Spinal Cord Injury Prevention Program) became a popular program for use in schools, summer camps, and other venues where young people gather.

In 1995, Helping Hands breeding monkeys were united with the training program in the Boston area, through a move to a new home at Southwick's Zoo in Mendon, Massachusetts. Southwick's is the largest zoo in New England and houses over 600 animals representing 120 species. This very special zoo, located in a beautiful country setting, is owned and operated by the Brewer family.

Housed in the Milton & Bernice Stern Building, the indoor/outdoor facility provides both a home for the breeding monkeys and an educational/display area. Visitors to the zoo are able to learn more about capuchins and the unique relationship these monkeys can enjoy with their human partners.
Teasing monkey

In 1999, Helping Hands undertook the search for a permanent and specially modified home for its training center. Ultimately an old building in Boston was selected and rebuilt especially for Helping Hands' needs. The Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation Center (also known as the Monkey College) officially opened in 2004. This purchase represented a significant investment for the program. Fundraising to underwrite the costs of construction and to name the important rooms and floors of the building continues.

Today, Helping Hands places an increasing number of monkey helpers in new homes annually. The training and placement effort are still our primary focus of work and energy, as we strive to enlarge the number of people we help.

At the same time, we continue to provide support to all established placement pairs, some of whom have been together for well over 20 years. The constantly growing number of established placements is a significant activity for the Helping Hands.

Our SCIPP program now reaches several thousand young people each year, teaching them about various high-risk behaviors and how students can make safer choices in their lives. A community service element of the program extends this learning into first-hand knowledge of how personal action can help others. A special task force, funded by the Bernice and Milton Stern Foundation, is considering ways to expand presentation of the SCIPP program nationwide.

As we consider the future for Helping Hands, will direct more resources towards our monkeys' retirement needs.

7  Great American Jeep Rally / General Discussion / Re: Great American Jeep Rally on: April 22, 2011, 11:18:06 AM
Thanks dude!  I will have a flier and brochure out within the next month.  Stay tuned...
8  Great American Jeep Rally / Announcements and News / Win an XJ at the 2011 Rally on: April 21, 2011, 05:39:42 PM

Thanks to Bolles Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Stafford Springs, CT for donating this used XJ! In this economy it has become increasingly difficult to acquire raffle prizes for the Rally. The Rally strives to donate as much as possible to our beneficiaries and in doing that we donít have a ton of money to buy raffle stuff. We depend on our sponsors to donate items. In turn we ask that our spectators try to utilize our sponsors by visiting their shops, buying from them and just plain supporting them. Most of our sponsors have been struggling in this economy, so itís more important than ever to use them for your Jeeping needs. Bolles has stepped up in a big way by donating this XJ. Itís retail value is at least $2,500! Thatís not chump change. SO, If you are in need of a Jeep, Chrysler, or Dodge part, a dealer service, OR a new or used vehicle please stop by Bolles in Stafford Springs or their sister store in Ellington and give them a shot. Their great people! Thanks!

Raffle tickets will be available at our raffle booth at the Rally for $5 each... NO LIMIT! Purchasing multiple tickets will increase your chances of winning an XJ. The XJ Will be there for all to see and kick the tires.

It is a typical 97 XJ, has a small lift kit already (maybe 3") It is prime for a nice build. The winner will take the vehicle right from the Rally. We suggest a tow unless you have a dealer plate. Keep it legal folks.
9  Great American Jeep Rally / General Discussion / GAJR VIDEO on CRAWL on: February 21, 2011, 02:00:14 PM
Check out CRAWL'S new website for a really cool video by Heavy Metal Concepts.

10  Great American Jeep Rally / For Sale or Vendor / WTB: XJ on: February 10, 2011, 07:36:34 PM
I'm looking! Craigslist is a PITA!!! I really wish people would return emails even if it was sold.

Know of one for sale? I'm considering any year depending on $$$, really looking to build myself and not one thats already hacked.

What-cha-got?  Cheesy
11  Great American Jeep Rally / General Discussion / Re: Hat colors for the 2011 Rally on: February 09, 2011, 08:29:41 PM
I'm trying to figure out how to make an XJ that would look like a Jeep and not a blob. The reason the TJ works so well is because I make it topless and door less.
Front view Meg.
12  Great American Jeep Rally / Past Rally Feedback / Re: 2010 Feedback on: February 09, 2011, 08:28:08 PM
There are actually two Scott D's on here.

There is? (where is my delete button)
13  Great American Jeep Rally / Past Rally Feedback / Re: 2010 Feedback on: February 09, 2011, 07:39:52 PM
LOL...I knew who you meant Tim.

scott diagle sorry Tongue

Hey, it's Daigle.

Welcome Tim! I'll fix your account so that you can access the super secret areas. Wink
14  Great American Jeep Rally / General Discussion / Re: Hat colors for the 2011 Rally on: February 09, 2011, 02:41:17 PM
Can you make one with an XJ?  Grin
15  Great American Jeep Rally / The Next GAJR / Re: obsticle course on: February 08, 2011, 06:24:58 PM
I think the rockpile needs a DJ.... like the one that was there in 09
Wait a minute.... that was me.... and as luck would have it, I'm buying myself an 04 LJ tomorrow, so I'll have the perfect rig to haul my gear to the rally... if anyone remembers I had a Camry cuz my Jeep had a broken tranny, but I'll be available, that is if you want me back.

We did miss you last year. You are welcome back for the rock garden.  I'll put together and print an info sheet instead of the tiny sheets you used in 09.
Make sure the LJ has an Inverter. Tongue
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